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Pictures from the 2014 MSSH MEGA REUNION and Freestyle Concert at the River Cities Festival:


Pictures from the 2014 Miami Springs River Ride:

Pictures from the Tito Puente Jr and Hansel y Raul Concert from the 2014 Festival:

Pictures from the 2013 Festival:

Pictures from the 2012 Festival:

Pictures from the 2011 Festival:


Featured Miami Springs Photo:
2012 Classic Car Show in Miami Springs

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Recent Miami Springs Forum Posts:

comment Well, lets see, we can send a rep to the USA Swimming build a pool conference for $500 and gather a ton of information and ideas about building a pool here OR we can pay a consultant to gather that same information for us... decisions decisions ! What makes the most sense ? Of course ! The consultant !!!

comment Allow another 200k for new bathrooms, kiddie pools and slides and you still only get 1.3 mil for a new pool. At that rate the cost for the consultant is almost 30% of that project. Ridiculous ! PREPOSTEROUS !

Gazette Anyone read the Gazette? Looks like Manny is ready to learn from the experience and is coming back stronger than ever to get all the doubts cleared up this time around. Good for him I hope people are sick of owning a leased out parking lot by them and make some changes to really help this City. Hell have renderings, zoning specs all the big questions answered this go round. Hope they grab that lawsuit and make sure they cover every thing leave no stone unturned.

Community Center Someone mentioned the complainers about the CC now using it. Let-s talk about the new CC. 1.It should have been voted on with a bond instead of having to come up with money from general fund for repayment and expenses of millions. 2.The finished product didn-t even meet existing code and the city had to go through the absurd process of granting itself two variances. 3. The basketball courts were designed to be "state of the art" which requires around the clock air conditioning running utilities and other expenses into the hundreds of thousands per year. 4.Many residents would best benefit from a state of the art work out gym. Instead we have a very cramped space barely bigger than the old one with just the equipment. Add a few people and you are walking all over each other. And on top all the expenses to cover the CC we pay for the "privilege" of using the workout area as well as other usages. 5.While the residents foot the big bills plus usage fees, usage charges cannot be increased for non residents. 6. No lockers resulting in frequent thefts. Some people like to name call others who question the city-s plans as naysayers etc. In reality, most folks are all for progress but want it done smart and efficient, not like the expensive boondoggle of the new CC. Our city leaders have shown repeatedly over the years that they are unable to run the city with much competence. Remember that the main elected cheerleader on many of these debacles is known to not pay his taxes while the rest of us pick up the tabs for an incompetently run town. That is also proven by the high tax rate, low reserves, lack of police contract, tax dollars to for profit organizations etc. So yeah, many people have their justified doubts about the ability of city leadership to plan and execute a quality and efficient new pool aquatic center.

Pool $1.1 million is not for the aquatic center.

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Springs Taxes Up Nearly 10%

On Monday, September 23rd, 2013, the Miami Springs City Council passed the fiscal budget for 2013 - 2014. It included an increase in the millage rate from 6.9950 to 7.6710. That equates to a 9.66% tax increase.

However, not everyone agreed to the budget in the 4 to 1 vote. Councilman and former mayor, Billy Bain, voted no. Michael Windrem, Zavier Garcia, George Lob, and Jaime Petralanda all voted for the budget during Monday's final budget meeting.

To put the 7.6710 millage rate in perspective, you can compare the Miami Springs millage rate to the proposed millage rates from our neighboring communities:

City Millage Rate Comparison
Doral 2.2215 72% lower tax rate than Miami Springs
Sweetwater 2.9200 62% lower tax rate than Miami Springs
Hialeah Gardens 5.3812 31% lower tax rate than Miami Springs
Medley 5.4000 30% lower tax rate than Miami Springs
VG 5.4233 29% lower tax rate than Miami Springs
Coral Gables 5.6290 27% lower tax rate than Miami Springs
Hialeah 6.3018 19% lower tax rate than Miami Springs
Miami Springs 7.6710  

Comment on the 2013 - 2014 budget and the corresponding tax increase on the Miami Springs political forum.

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