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Miami Springs Publishes New Pool Rates
Burglary Suspects Shot in Springs
Police involved shooting
Suspect Shot in VG after Springs chase
Miami Springs Senior High Mega Reunion April 17, 2010
Featured Photo: Miami Springs Senior High Mega Reunion April 17, 2010
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Political Forum Comments:

Your Rambling Again
Wicker chairs, driveways, and salaries all week. Listen to yourself. It must be Saturday cause you sound drunk rambling on and on about nothing that makes sense. Get some fresh air and sober up before coming back on to try and argue for your side. 90% is a lot which means there are only two maybe three people posting on this site. Nestor must love the traffic or your Boogie Man works for Nestor to drive traffic here. Regardless it keeps you off the streets.

Boogie Man
Your personal Boogie Man really rattles your cage. Just ignore him or close your eyes if you are afraid of the Boogie Man. You are turning your Boogie Man into a folk hero jumping every time he says jump. If all the Boogie Man says is incorrect, it should not harm you anyway. It is not the Boogie Man which mentions any names it is you. Now if there are facts to the Boogie Man-s statement of record in the Herald or elsewhere, well that is a different story and all you are crying about is exposure of the truth which may jeopardize your mentor and group. Stick to the facts cause when you start name calling it discredits your side of the argument.

Maybe JC will hire you
They did not have the questions in advance. They we-re all experienced in the position. So of course they were able to answer the questions. Even still if you were serious about the position you should have shown up anyway and given it your best effort. The only job you-ve held in the past decade is keeping your wicker chair from being blown away from your driveway. You have critisized other peoples salary all week, on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Perhaps because you cant remember doing an honest days work and being paid for it.

He doesnt mean JC
Martin Marquez is obsessed with John Cavalier. He TRULY believes John Cavaleir controls and runs Miami Springs, the Mayor, the police department, the Council, every one in City Hall, the Mansion, the Golf Course, the Culbs, everythng. He-s worse than the Mel Gibbs Conspiracy Theory character because at least he was right once. His ind is stuck in 1969. He isn-t rational or sane. He spreads falsehoods, exagerations and lies and calls them facts. And 90 percent of the posts on this forum are Marquez.

Forum Debates
It is nice when you all ask questions on here allowing others with knowledge to enlighten the readers. Besides all the name calling and loathing readers usually get to see the other side of the truth and can start connecting their own dots. We are surprised knowing JC as we do that he hasn-t stopped you from going on and on at this site exposing your groups soft underside. JC usually likes to keep a low profile. But we will be more than happy to indulge you in a political question and answer session. Unlike the debate debacles you previously referenced, you cannot control either the questions or the answers and the readers will get an honest debate. So beyond all the name calling, bring on the debate as it will not be censored. The names will be changed to protect the guilty, but that has never stopped anyone from exercising their right to free speech. Oh wait, I hear JC-s steel booted thugs at the front door now.





Miami Springs 90th Birthday
8/23/2016 - 8:00:00 AM

Miami Springs
Miami Springs, FL 33166

BBQ Throwdown
9/24/2016 - 11:00:00 AM

Miami Springs Circle
Miami Springs, FL 33166

MSSH Class of 66 50 Year Reunion
11/4/2016 - 5:00:00 PM

3974 NW South River Dr, Miami, Florida 33142
Miami Springs, FL 33166


Woodys West End Tavern

BDC Construction Miami

2016 River Cities Festival

Miami Springs Classic Car and Truck Show July 3, 2015

Miami Springs Community Events

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Beautiful Miami Springs is a quiet residential community located in the heart of Miami-Dade County, Florida. Literally, just minutes away from anything in Miami, it's a slow paced oasis within the larger hustle and bustle of greater Miami.

Miami Springs was founded in 1926 by Glenn Curtiss, also known as the "Father of Naval Aviation." Miami Springs is a middle to upper middle class neighborhood with a mix of blue collar and white collar workers. At the core of Miami Springs is a championship style 18 hole golf course that has hosted hundreds of tournaments and celebrities alike.

Miami Springs has a mix of homes ranging from modest to luxury. Most of the larger, luxury style homes can be found along the beautiful golf course.

Miami Springs has a row of hotels along NW 36 Street, adjacent to Miami International Airport. The proximity to the airport and the 10 - 15 minute distance to the Port of Miami Cruise Ships and South Beach makes Miami Springs a popular hotel destination for tourists from all across the globe.

MiamiSprings.com was created in 1997 by local businessman and Miami Springs resident, Nestor Suarez. Nestor loved the city he grew up in and created the first website dedicated to the Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens area. To this day, Mr. Suarez still operates the website providing local news, events, updates, and photos. The website also has a popular (and sometimes controversial) political forum where anyone can discuss current local issues, politics, ideas. Forum posts and Individual comments posted on MiamiSprings.com do not necessarily represent the opinion of MiamiSprings.com, its owner, or its advertisers. MiamiSprings.com encourages you to post your opinions and interact with the MiamiSprings.com online community.

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