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Political Forum Comments:

City Attorney Warhorses
With so many qualified attorneys hanging around town looking for a cozzy long term position in a public job with benefits, why is it that our City Attorney says that there are no more of them available and we have to go with his long time friend and former boss on Council, Espino. What a coincidence...NOT!! Do these guys think the community is stupid or what. Espino-s position in Doral is based on politics and if Bermudez returns Espino faces an uncertain future. And Bermudez will return to Doral. Just cause Espino lives in the Springs does not mean that he will not profit from redevelop of the City. Everybody knows how to deal with the developer activist in town just hanging around trying to turn us into Hialeah for their profit. What better position to do it from than City Hall as our un-official and un-elected 6th Council Member. He knows he could never be re-elected on Council so this is the next best thing to throw off the balance of power through legal intimidation and opinions.

Espino writes his own Review
As a former City Council member that turned his back on the City one before to run for school board there is no doubt that Espino would love nothing more than to turn us into a Hialeah version of Doral. No doubt Jan wants to keep his fingers in the pot through Espino and what better way for them both. Lets see what information comes out of Doral and how the residents of Miami Springs feel about having the guy that was City Attorney when it was over built being our City Attorney. Nice Tray Jan...

Espino is perfect for the job! He lives here is very involved in the community knows about all the naysayers including Marquez and the nature of the beast. He is young intelligent and has been on council so this will be something he knows well. He was the clear and obvious choice. Hopefully council will agree. Great recommendation Jan.

The Cabel as Predicted
Just as predicted the cabal got the City Attorney and the City Manager to recommend the Outgoing City Attorney from Doral to come over to Miami Springs and do the same thing to Miami Springs that they did to Doral. That should prove to everyone that this Council is working for the developers and not the residents. They did not even bother putting it out to bid as it was all done through collusion in the dark and agreed upon before any public input. Next will be the FAR increases and development of the Golf Course, unless the residents stand up and stop them. Oh yeah as a consolation prize to her old base, Rosie got her fence on the Sliver of Golf. What a piece of crab as our City Council prepares to flush us down the toilet for the benefit of their cabal developers. No doubt they will move quickly in anticipation of the backlash for hiring a developer friendly attorney with a proven record of community overbuilding and developer connections. The residents are getting screwed.

Process Is Rigged
If the process is corrupt and rigged, how can we expect the Council not to be corrupt also. The new younger City Council that will replace our current crop of corrupt ones in April hopefully will run on a platform of cleaning up all the obvious corruption at City Hall before we get turned into Hialeah South. On a little note, we just heard that Trump is finally going to get his Emmy for his Alick Balwin Impressions at his ralleys. He keeps telling the Right Wing Nut Rubes at his ralleys that they are wining and ahead of Hillary by 2 points nationally. This pervert is not well but his supporters are even worse. These religious right wing nuts love to hide behind their religion by making God their mascot as needed. The Right Wing Nuts have gone from "Win One for the Gipper...to Win One for the Groper"...All conservatives are comedy challenged, just look at Nery-O Ignorant postings. We are not sure if we can take 2 more weeks of having our way with the GOP. Trump can, it is profitable for him....hahahahah





MSSH Class of 66 50 Year Reunion
11/4/2016 - 5:00:00 PM

3974 NW South River Dr, Miami, Florida 33142
Miami Springs, FL 33166

Blessed Trinity Parish Festival Day 1
11/17/2016 - 12:00:00 PM

Miami Springs, FL 33166

Blessed Trinity Parish Festival Day 1
11/18/2016 - 12:00:00 PM

Miami Springs, FL 33166

Blessed Trinity Parish Festival Day 3
11/19/2016 - 12:00:00 PM

Blessed Trinity Catholic Church
Miami Springs, FL 33166

Blessed Trinity Parish Festival Day 4
11/20/2016 - 12:00:00 PM

Blessed Trinity Catholic Church
Miami Springs, FL 33166


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Beautiful Miami Springs is a quiet residential community located in the heart of Miami-Dade County, Florida. Literally, just minutes away from anything in Miami, it's a slow paced oasis within the larger hustle and bustle of greater Miami.

Miami Springs was founded in 1926 by Glenn Curtiss, also known as the "Father of Naval Aviation." Miami Springs is a middle to upper middle class neighborhood with a mix of blue collar and white collar workers. At the core of Miami Springs is a championship style 18 hole golf course that has hosted hundreds of tournaments and celebrities alike.

Miami Springs has a mix of homes ranging from modest to luxury. Most of the larger, luxury style homes can be found along the beautiful golf course.

Miami Springs has a row of hotels along NW 36 Street, adjacent to Miami International Airport. The proximity to the airport and the 10 - 15 minute distance to the Port of Miami Cruise Ships and South Beach makes Miami Springs a popular hotel destination for tourists from all across the globe.

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